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Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

Mural Artist:

Rita Rayman

"I am a mixed-media artist, based in Toronto. I am also a mother of four. My husband Jeff and I have been fortunate to travel extensively and experience both this awesome planet and the variety of incredible people who call it home. But along with the amazing and the beautiful, we have seen the suffering. It is my hope to spread awareness of the pain of so many who are without rights and protection that brought me to Project Urban Canvas.


I have chosen to create a mural for Article #18 – "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion" – because it reflects a spirit of compassion for, and recognition of, the inherent equality of all the wondrous variety that make up the human family."

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Mural Host:

Amnesty International Toronto

Located at 1992 Yonge Street (Toronto ON), the Toronto National Office of Amnesty International provides a variety of services to the public and to local AI members such as:

• The opportunity to learn more about our organization - and how you can get involved.
• Research human rights violations around the world, using our extensive files.
• View or borrow videos on Amnesty or on particular countries.
• Purchase Amnesty International publications, including our Annual Report.
• Buy some of our great T-shirts, caps, greeting cards, and gift items.

The Toronto office is also home to the Canadian Section's Urgent Action Network (UAN). Urgent Appeals are relayed by e-mail from the International Secretariat in London. Within a few hours, telegrams, telexes or faxes are sent on

behalf of people suffering grave human rights abuses.


The office serves as a meeting place for AI groups, networks, committees, and specialized teams. New member orientation nights and other special events are also held in the office.

Article 18 mural

 Photos: Florin Zamfirescu.

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Amnesty International Canada