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Article 19 mural top corner

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Mural Artist:

Working Women Community Centre


Working Women Community Centre (WWCC) is a non-profit organization that provides immigrant women and their families with opportunities to improve the quality of their lives through self-development and community action. Through the project Action for Neighbourhood Change, WWCC obtained funding from the City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Program to carry out a mural project in Parma Court. Local residents provided input on the mural content and site during a lengthy community engagement process. Local youth artists — Fozi, Humera, and Sabeehah — were employed to create the mural, under the mentorship of lead artist, Michael Reyes.


Michael Reyes specializes in graffiti art. He has worked on various murals, including the City of Toronto's mural, Arctic Wings. Through his art, Michael has been able to capture and inspire hearts; and with the Article 19 mural he has successfully represented the talents, thoughts, and bonds of Parma Court residents. To Michael, graffiti art is more than just a form of art; it is a form of self-expression.

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Mural Host:

Parma Court


Parma Court, located in the South End of Victoria Village, is home to a tight-knit community and the O’Connor Community Centre. The mural was painted on a wall, referred to as “Up Top”, which faces a central hub where the community congregates. The mural reflects the pulse of the community and was painted by community members, thereby giving local residents a great sense of ownership. It has been a hit with youth who have made the ultimate claim to it by making it their profile picture on various internet social networking sites.

Article 19 mural
Article 19 mural Article 19 mural

 Photos: Susan Ashukian.

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