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Article 24 mural top corner

Everyone has the right to rest and leisure.

Mural Artist:

POR AMOR in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough


POR AMOR conducts programs, workshops, and presentations with community and school groups in Toronto and the surrounding areas to foster awareness, creativity, self-esteem, and leadership skills. There is also an international focus by which POR AMOR provides financial and educational support, through innovative programming, in the Dominican Republic. With this initiative, POR AMOR is enabling people to become effective forces for change in their own communities.


POR AMOR envisions a world where vibrant communities flourish to manifest positive social change. Their mandate is to create programs, partnerships, and community events that support and empower the creation of positive communities. POR AMOR initiatives focus on the arts, health and wellness, social equity, and the environment.


Visit POR AMOR at

Mural Host:

4301 Kingston Road, Scarborough


The mural runs along a cement pillar fence that encloses the apartment building at 4301 Kingston Road, located in the Kingston Galloway community of Scarborough. Considered one of 13 "priority" neighborhoods, Kingston Galloway is a community with a diverse and vibrant population.


Built 35 years ago, the building itself houses a community centre, a gym facility, an indoor pool, and youth dedicated spaces.

Article 24 mural Article 24 mural
Article 24 mural Article 24 mural
Article 24 mural Article 24 mural
Article 28 mural

The Article 24 mural spans across a number of large cement pillars that are part of a long fence.
Photos: Susan Ashukian.

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