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Article 25 mural top corner

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for health and well-being.

Mural Artist:

Ralph Thornton Community Centre

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre was established by Toronto City Council in 1981 as a board run, multi-purpose community facility. The Centre is committed to building a strong, inclusive, and healthy community. They work with residents, community groups, and partner agencies to foster collective change. The Centre offers diverse programming and services, as well as community meeting space for free or at nominal charge.


Located in the community of Riverdale, the Ralph Thornton Community Centre is named after a retired taxi driver who was heavily involved in community organizing efforts, before he passed away in 1975.

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Mural Host:

Leslie Grove Youth Centre ("The Shack")


Located at 1158 Queen St E, the Leslie Grove Youth Centre, also known as "The Shack", opened three years ago. It was transformed from a storage area for picnic tables into a thriving youth centre. During the day, the Centre runs youth leadership and training camps. During the evening, the Centre functions as a busy drop-in, as well as offering classes and workshops in sculpture, drumming, sexual health and more.


"The Shack" has become a hub for youth activity in the neighborhood. The youth are very excited that "The Shack" exterior has been transformed into a work-of-art that has an important message.

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Article 25 mural Article 25 mural
Article 25 mural

 Photos: Florin Zamfirescu.

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