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Human rights violations are occurring worldwide. However, as awareness and attention are brought to these issues an encouraging sense of hope is born–hope that we can bring an end to these unthinkable acts against humanity.


To help raise public awareness about human rights issues, Art in Action, a specialized volunteer team within Amnesty International, has developed Project: Urban Canvas. This inspiring and unprecedented project will celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through a series of 30 human rights murals.


The murals will be created by artists and community-based groups throughout the Greater Toronto Area.


With the determination and creativity of Toronto communities, Project: Urban Canvas will be a powerful statement about human rights. Together, we will speak out for those who do not have a voice in this world.


We can all help make an impact on human rights awareness!

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In 2008, the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This was a momentous year for Amnesty International, as the organization envisions a world in which every person enjoys ALL human rights as enshrined in the Declaration.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights consists of 30 Articles, each outlining the fundamental human rights to which every person is entitled. Through Project: Urban Canvas, we hope to bring the UDHR to life by using the universal language of the image.




The goal is to create 30 murals, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), that depict each of the 30 human rights Articles in the UDHR. To help commemorate this milestone anniversary in the international fight for human rights, community groups and artists are collaborating with Amnesty International on this powerful citywide project.


Visit the Mural page to learn more about the artists and organizations creating these human rights murals.

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Project: Urban Canvas is the proud beneficiary of consulting services that have been generously donated by Mural Routes. The Art in Action team is grateful for the support and expertise offered by our friends at Mural Routes.


Mural Routes is a not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to the promotion of wall art as a public art form for the general benefit of communities and artists. Their mandate is to educate, engage, and enhance communities through public art murals.


One of the priority goals of Mural Routes is to encourage youth participation in mural art. Since 2001, they have been running summer employment and training programs for youth. In these programs, Mural Routes works in partnership with local agencies whose mandate is specifically to help bring positive change to the communities where they are located.


Mural Routes works with artists, communities, businesses, and government agencies and is internationally recognized for providing a Canadian network that specifically serves the needs of artists involved in mural art.


Mural Routes is a leader in the fields of production, maintenance, education, and consultation of public art murals.


Visit to learn more about Mural Routes.

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